Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Guilty Mom

I know we all have our guilty mom moments so here is mine. I feel guilty that now with my third, I make my own baby food, did not introduce juice to him yet and he is 14 months (I had to with both girls at 4 months since they both had serious constipation issues). I cloth diaper with him although I did with Evilcious as well just not with Mysterious. I am not saying if you do not do any of these things you are bad, I just feel bad since I have done a ton of research on things now that I didn't with Mysterious and some I didn't with Evilcious. I bought a new car seat for Texas today so that he can stay rear facing as long as he can. He is super tall and was hitting the back of the seat in his car seat plus the car seat I bought had great neck support, which is awesome for when he falls asleep. What sold it for me was a review from a mother whose child has down syndrome and lack of neck muscles and if the car seat is good enough for her child it is good enough for my child.

We were in a rush for Evilcious to turn around so that we could see her and interact with her facing front forward even though we have mirrors so we can still see them rear facing. I think we just felt we needed to that. Technically with her weight she could still be rear facing. She is only 32 pounds. Texas is 23 pounds but his height is super long 32 inches. I just want him comfortable but safe. The next car seat I will be buying is for Evilcious, the one I want will separate into a booster when it is time for that and it is bigger so she will be safer plus it has better support than hers does. As for the baby food, I bought store made with both girls and Texas I made my own. I even make snacks for the girls. One of their favorite homemade snacks is fruit sauce. It is just 3 different fruits blended together, no sugar, or any additives. I freeze it the other containers and put in hot water to defrost and the girls have said it's consistency is thick like pudding and better than store bought apple sauce. Score 1 for me!

I feel great making his own baby food. Obviously I don't anymore since he eats everything we do but he just got two more teeth making it a total of four teeth he has so I do boil fruit so it is softer for him, same with veggies for snacks. I just feel like I make better food choices for him now than I did with the other two. Not saying I gave them crap, I am just more aware of what I make and give them plus Texas has very high blood sugar and has a high chance of being diabetic like me. All my kids are at risk since I have diabetes but since birth he has been high. So I watch him more like a hawk, although the girls don't eat much sweets but I don't let anyone eat too much crappy snacks here. Some but not much.

I love cloth diapering. Sometimes it's gross when I am spraying off poop from a diaper blow out but it saves me money and is good for the environment plus is great for my son's tushy since he has eczema. It was really great after his surgery for his missing ball. I love the prints and have become an expert of my own kind with it after cloth diapering Evilcious and Texas and will with the next one we are trying to have. I enjoy when my son is only in a diaper in cloth, since they are so cute. Being a stay at home mom with Evilcious since she was 11months old and all of Texas's life so far is a great feeling. I feel bad I didn't have that opportunity with Mysterious, I worked six days a week with her. But I try not to dwell on that. I feel like the older I am getting I do more research and make sure I am doing the best for my children.

I am also researching vaccines more and won't be giving any of my kids unnecessary ones especially the new born babies. I plan to breast feed again as long as my body will let me and the baby will take it with the next one. I try to be the best mom I can be, we have dance parties instead of too much t.v., we have craft time when I can spare time from work, we play with each other whether it be with games or in the playroom. I want time spent with my kids not material items.

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