Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who is this chick?

I am a mother of three who started this blog to have somewhere I could write like a journal and get all of my frustrations, opinions, views, and rants out. I have been doing this for three years now. I have been happily married for three years. I have known and been with him for 11 years on and off. He is not the biological father of our first and second daughters but he is their father through and through. It didn't work out for us the first time because his first wife damaged him (I am his third wife) and the second time I was in a super abusive relationship right before him and I got back together so I was damaged. This time we are soul mates, best friends and so much more than that. We are working on getting our sex life in a better place. Hey we have three kids one of which who is 11 months old and just started sleeping through the night plus I work two nights away from the house coming home at 1/130 am plus I have multiple sclerosis which causes me to be in a lot of pain and extra sleepy, so we have a tendency since the baby to have sex  make love twice a month, we both would like it 3+ times a week, so I am trying to make that happen since I am the dominate one in the bedroom. (and relationship haha)

I have multiple sclerosis, diabetes, asthma, osteoperosis, had a stroke will have another one, hpv, stay at home mom who is an office admin who works from home for my in laws and their business.I am a loud Italian/Mexican who is super passionate, loves hard, fights hard, I am a smart ass, funny, artistic, loves to cook, cuddle on the couch with a good book, love family time, am a Sims nerd, love video games where I can kill people, hard worker, procrastinator, shoe whore, dyes my hair red since that is so vibrant and sexy, sex kitten, outgoing and down to earth. I also cloth diaper, make my own baby food, bake and cook from scratch and I personally wear mama cloth.I am a survivor who has survived 6 rapes, sexual abuse as a child from a family member, child abuse, abuse from two boyfriends, eating disorder, alcholism, drug addict, father who abandoned her at age of 8 and came back at age 16, mother who gave her up to foster care at age 12 then got her back at age 17, mommy and daddy issues.

 My oldest who is 13 who we call Mysterious on here also known as rebel without a clue was diagnosed with bipolar last year, recently diagnosed but not tested yet as Aspergers, has been diagnosed three times for suicidal/homicidal attempts. She is also going through puberty and likes negative attention which we found out yesterday during therapy. She is super creative and great in art. She is an a and b student although she can struggle from time to time on getting d's. She is figuring out who she is and is in the in between of a not a kid anymore but not quite an adult yet.

My middle child who is called Evilicious is 3, loves to jump, dance, sing, act silly with mommy, paint, draw on walls and anything really, loves preschool, super independent to the point it can be annoying because you can't get out the door ;) , loves playing with her brother, very smart, sweet, funny and a terror at times. 

My youngest who is called Texas Ranger on here is 11 months who will be 1 on the day after Christmas. He gets into everything, has a great personality, attacks Evilicious when she is mean to him, all boy, loves to rough house, is super smart, mama boy, loves to eat, loves to laugh, has two teeth, is standing on his own a lot and is trying to walk.

This is my life and I write about it whether its a bad day, a crazy day, a boring day. I put it all out there. 

And we want a fourth and are trying to conceive. WE are nuts!!

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