Saturday, December 14, 2013

My heart aches

Monday after a long and explosive 3 hour therapy session (which is normally 1), Mysterious went in the hospital. She has been self harming, threatening to myself and her therapist,  not taking her medications, scratch that throwing up her meds.

Not following directions or doing as told, not caring about herself or others,has harmed me twice- one of the times I was pushed into my curio cabinet and I stuck my hand out for support and broke my finger. She pushed evilcious' s head into the coffee table last year, watched texas fall into the tub and didn't do anything or care. I ran to help him.

Now we are having her have a pysch evual a second time to see if we missed something and that is the requirements for this grant that the hospital is applying for her to be in residential.  Her therapist, her team at the hospital and us believe that residential is what she needs. She needs a controlled environment where staff can help her understand her aggression and agitation towards us.

She gets this way when told what to do. Yes we have disciplined her in taking items away, sending her to her room, manual labour,  respite workers, reward systems,  sticker charts, the whole nine yards. Nothing we or the hospital or the therapist could come up with has worked.
Being bipolar and having aspergers can be hard. But that is what they are teaching her, to understand what goes on on her head , how to control it, using coping skills, walking away, talking it out, except she does none at home. She has no friends. Refuses to make any or even leave the house to play. She refuses to play, instead she fights and stares at you.

I hope this hospital stay or residential works.

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