Sunday, December 1, 2013


I wasn't one of those that posts each day in November what I am thankful for. I just don't do that or complain about the weather or take pictures of my food. I am however thankful and do have a list. I am thankful I did not kill my kids since every holiday they take hours to get out the door. Scratch that every day but holiday is worse. Mysterious was having a bad hair day and was trying on tons of headbands.  Evilicious was fighting me over wearing a dress. I wanted her to wear one and sge wanted to be in pants. Yes it would have been easier to have let her win but she is so cute in a dress and when I was younger we dressed up. Yes I hated it and yes I am a tomboy and i don't always wear a dress but she's three and I want her as my princess til she doesn't like me like mysterious doesn't. Ok she likes me today. But she's thirteen and sometimes doesn't like herself. Back to being thankful, I am thankful I have a husband who ignores my crazy yelling at everyone when stressed, gives me a break like last night when I went out by myself and hung out with his mom, gives me affection and works hard on our relationship.  I am thankful for my family and accepting my loud foul mouth and loving my flaws. I'm greatful I can work from home and that someone created a mute button so that I can yell at my kids but still be professional.  I am thankful for chocolate and for that I stay somewhat sane. I am thankful for my friends who accept I am a looney but laugh at I mean with me. I am very thankful for myself and tge yummy desserts I make that make me wish I was not diabetic and that I could eat it all day everyday. I am thankful for all you who read this blog and believe the silly idea that I'm not crazy.

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